Twitch w/ audio chat - VideoChat

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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Twitch is interesting, because you stream (to anonymous) and record. But, unlike Jitsi, you can't interact over voice with others.

Is there something like this but as best of both worlds?

Bonus points for multi-timezone meeting calendar integration.

TheMatten - like things maybe? They're nice because that let people create smaller groups while stll watching shared source (like stream or video)


One more option may be BigBlueButton - it has support for spawning separate temporary rooms and private messages


I think this is where discord really shine. So in gaming stream, streamer usually has discord server when they can play with their fans. And to reduce the noise, they just set OBS setting to only allow streamer sound (discord sound is muted). So while talking with their team mate, the sound of them didn't distort the streamer sound.


You can do that with other app. But it's a lot of work. While discord, you can just hop to audio channel, and voila, you can start talk each other.