A middle-ground - VideoChat

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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Video calls are sync, but interactive. Chat is async, but not so interactive. What if we figure out a middle ground? One idea is to use something like gotty+tmux+tmate in order to demo something, while talking about it in Zulip. I wish Zulip had Doom-like "push to talk" audio.


@Sridhar Ratnakumar you might find these two links interesting:
https://yap.chat/ : sync text chat. This is the closest thing I've seen to a verbal conversation, but in text. It's ephemeral
https://pagernation.com/ : push to talk voice messages, with message history. Ephemeral after restarting the session

An ephemeral, real-time chat room.
Quickly and easily send audio messages to your friends and family.

As for showing a demo and discussing it, I personally prefer the usual jitsi format


I found spatial chat the other day and that can help with branching conversations more naturally!

Sridhar Ratnakumar

I must say I really enjoy the new ZuriHac being totally virtual, in Discord. There are various audio channels, too, which one can join as they wish, or continue in async chat. Awesome flexibility. I look forward to the YouTube streaming ...

James King

I'll be catching up on it async, it's a very good idea though. I don't travel these days because of the climate crisis (and pandemic) but it's great to know that one could still participate from afar. :)

Sridhar Ratnakumar

Travelling is a challenge for me (dietary restrictions); so that's another reason I look forward to the future being more virtual/remote.

Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

async chat is also great for formulating thoughts better, talking to people live is more pressure and you can't take too much time to structure what you want to say