who all is here? - PureScript

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Mason Mackaman

I'm curious how many people regularly check this?


I think Zulip is better than Slack in many ways:

  • Better markdown
  • Code highlighting
  • Reasonable link handling
  • Message previews
  • Better threading (opinionated)

So I'm keeping alerts setup to hopefully not miss anything posted here during the earlier adopter period.

Sridhar Ratnakumar

#PureScript stream is not all that active; I think #General is where all members are, and #Haskell tends to be the popular stream here. You can get a sense of the activity in different streams through these archives: https://funprog.srid.ca/

Mason Mackaman

@miles not to mention slack's mobile app is atrocious.

I'm assuming formatting works on mobile here no problem