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Mason Mackaman

I'm building a class-based DOM/HTML library and I would like to have a test suite for it. Any recommendations what packages to use for something like that? I'm thinking I might need JSDOM since afaik testing is run in node, but that's about as far as I've got.


None that I know of, but if you figure something out, please add it to this thread: https://discourse.purescript.org/t/testing-recommendations/1192

The recommended tooling topic is excellent and particularly valuable for newcomers but I couldn’t find anything similar for testing in PureScript. I’ve pulled together some links to libraries and examples below and hope that together with some comments we might stumble our way toward some newcomer-friendly testing recommendations for PureScript. Libraries QuickCheck is a port of Haskell’s QuickCheck and offers property-based testing that works by generating random data with which to test your p...
Mason Mackaman

will do, thanks for that.