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I was able to make PS compile using GHCJS using custom wrapper - given

main = do
  (ws, out) <- compileTextToJS "module Main where\nmain = let f x = f x in f 1"
  printErrors ws
  either printErrors T.putStrLn out

as entry-point of GHCJS app, I get:


Now I need to figure out multi-module compilation (and thus access to Prelude and stuff) and some UI other that output in console :big_smile:


It already is registered by someone, it just doesn't work :big_smile: - https://psfiddle.net/


Putting current state here: https://github.com/thematten/purjs

[WIP] wrapper for running purescript compiler in browser - TheMatten/purjs
Mason Mackaman

Oh my god I finally understand what you're doing. I was thinking you were compiling purescript code to js using GHCJS instead of purs and I didn't understand why :laughing: