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The current version of Polysemy on hackage is
But there are many nice improvements I see on github. When are you planning to release next version?


It may be that we will go straight for 2.0 - not sure personally, maybe @Love Waern (King of the Homeless) and @Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78 have some thoughts on this

Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

Is there some downside to uploading the latest changes? (other than having to do the action of uploading itself)


Hmm, if they aren't really landing on anything else to land and don't have known problems, it may be fine

Love Waern (King of the Homeless)

Thanks for the prod, @Martins . We should definitely release another version! The work and questions involved in v2.0 means it's most likely many months away, so we should have one or two more minor releases to bridge the gap. All I need is to wrap up #311 and make a changelog. As it happens, I have the afternoon free, so I will get this done today, and we can cut a release today or tomorrow.