Nix recipes for Haskellers - Nix

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Magnus Therning

I came across this earlier today.
My initial thought was that it was rather similar to Gabriel's but even if it is it's a nice complement, particularly due to it's size.

I'm a complete newbie at Nix, so one thing that I am wondering is if there are other "magical files" beside default.nix. I sometimes see mentions of a shell.nix too.
Also, what files do you end up checking into version control?

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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I should mention the role of default.nix/shell.nix in the article. Let me think. To answer your question, shell.nix is considered optional. The nix-shell command will use default.nix in its absence. The developPackage function which the article talks about about will make your default.nix "friendly" to the nix-shell command, without you having to create a separate shell.nix file. I just think it is more ergonomic. You should check in all your .nix files in the version control.