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I think my question is more related to Nix. I'm working on right now. The goal is to update the haskell project and adding another language (like rust or go). from Haskell part, I want to have reflex in one of the example (esp. in the frontend side).

What I understand is, without obelisk, the routing in reflex is hard (I have done this in here:

Anyway, what I am thinking right now is how do I add obelisk/reflex into the todomvc-nix? seeing that obelisk use its own nixpkgs. I want to update nix version into flake also.

My current plan is to just have this and later on adding it into default.nix similar to what kiln has.

Example on how to nixify a project [maintainer=@zimbatm] - nix-community/todomvc-nix
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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Is src-ui.v3 of hackage-matrix-builder actually used in production ?

Sridhar Ratnakumar

Obelisk uses reflex-platform for most of the Nix legwork. I don't think you can avoid having to use reflex-platform.


Yes it is used in production. I haven't put the style, so it lives in ng url like this


So it means I'll have 2 set of nixpkgs: 1. todomvc and 2. reflex-platform?