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Sridhar Ratnakumar

TheMatten said:

Personally I would like tree that sort of "fades out" on edges, giving me the rough idea of connections to other zettels - when clicked on, it could e.g. open page with complete tree view, or even turn into zoomable draggable "tree map" if that isn't too fancy to put together :slight_smile:

I'm explicitly procrastinating on the "dynamic" (javascript) UX stuff, until I refactor out the ghcjs stuff out of cerveau into neuron static site. First step would be to replace search.js with ghcjs generated one, with code sharing (of search feature) between cerveau and neuron. Then, on top of that infrastructure, we can do other cool dynamic stuff in UI. ghcjs can spit out huge JS, so we have to mindful of that.


Cool - personally, my "dream" zettelkasten interface would be something build on top of mindmap-like overview - allowing me to "zoom out" at any moment out of current zettel to see it's surroundings, allowing me to inspect them and click on them, and providing quickly accessible search field to navigate textually - sort of like UI of online maps tends to work