Miso vs PureScript? - Neuron

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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Another use is that once we switch to GHCJS (miso looks really cool btw)

I'm choosing PureScript for now, but I can be convinced to go with GHCJS as well ... as long as the whole development experience is nearly as smooth as that of Haskell in neuron, and things are still lightweight. Specifically:

  • No long installation times or complex Nix setup (this rules out reflex, but miso is great)
  • No huge JS assets (I think miso produces 1M or more, so we definitely probably don't want to use it in the zettel page; z-index may be okay).

Extra points if miso had ghcid-like tool (which it seems to do, but not sure how easy is it to set it all up, compared to PureScript's pscid)

Sridhar Ratnakumar

In any case, master's README now contains the development instructions for working with ./src-puresript/hello ... if anybody wants to see how it feels to do PureScript development. All magically made reproducible by Nix of course.


+1 for Purescript