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Chris Penner

Hey folks; gonna implement a lensy text manipulation library on stream tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm UTC; I'll post the link tomorrow; hope to see you then!


@Chris Penner you could make Q&A call at #VideoChat after that :slight_smile:


I like how everyone (including myself) started streaming in the past few weeks


Thanks for sharing the link, Chris! Streams like this are awesome :slight_smile:


For those who missed it: this tweet by Chris links to a recording of the stream + a link to the code

Thanks for the stream. I found it really helpful and I'm definitely buying the book! Cheers

Janus Troelsen

@Chris Penner Will there be a stream tomorrow?


Chris Penner

For anyone interested in lensy operators, @chiroptical is live streaming working through the operator chapter in Optics By Example:

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