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Asad Saeeduddin

@Lysxia Ok, so I'm redoing the SOP stuff with Fcf, because I really didn't want to reimplement ZipWith using the instance recursion thing. How would you recommend threading the value level evidence along?

Asad Saeeduddin

nvm, figured it out:

class Append (xs :: [*]) (ys :: [*])
  (|||) :: Proxy xs -> Proxy ys -> Iso' (Either (ESum xs) (ESum ys)) (ESum (Eval (xs ++ ys)))
Asad Saeeduddin

How do I reconcile an SOP I '[] with Void?


sounds reasonable

Asad Saeeduddin

is there an equivalent of SOP that characterizes products by their projections in an arbitrary category

Asad Saeeduddin

And then models the sums as just backwards products

Asad Saeeduddin
λ> :t fwd test [1, 2, 3]
fwd test [1, 2, 3] :: Num a => () + (a × [a])
λ> fwd test [1, 2, 3]
Right (1,[2,3])
λ> (bwd test (Right $ (1, [2, 3])) :: [Int])
λ> (bwd test (Left ()) :: [Int])
Asad Saeeduddin

the code's not pretty, but it works

Asad Saeeduddin

Thanks for all the help @Lysxia!