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Greg Bell

More people over at Not so great fracturing such a small community.


Not everyone can follow a community with thousands of people


A lot of accounts on Slack seem to be inactive, accumulated over the years
And this instance was specifically created to overcome some limitations of (free plan on) Slack, plus @Sridhar Ratnakumar was able to set up public archive (, which is actually useful not only for signed-up members
I don't think we're fracturing community that much - people are free to be part of both servers and many actually are

Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

I personally like zulip more + it's "more" open source + no message limitation (unless the slack is on a paid plan?)


"more" open source

It's literally completely FOSS AFAIK, with great support from developers over at
Reason we have paid plan here for free is that CEO of Zulip himself is interested in supporting open communities

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If amount of users should be reason for sticking with one service, then we'll never be able to explore better alternatives


It's not competition or anything - bunch of people just isn't satisfied with FP Slack, while this Zulip instance seems to solve it's problems

Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

(the "more" is in quotes because afaik there is no way to verify that the service we're being hosted on is the same one as the one on github other than hosting our own instance)

Sandy Maguire

@Greg Bell that's where we forked from! not having to use slack is reason enough for me to be here


I think pretty much everyone here is passionate about FP and growing the community. None of us would like to fracture the community. I specifically joined Zulip due to my bad experience with FP Slack. The users there are great but Slack itself is almost useless (to me) if it has many users.

I had to mute all active channels due to the deluge of notifications and it's really hard to catch up with what I missed due to the lack of streams/topics. Slack does have a threads feature but it's optional and many don't really use it.

Also, free tier on Slack = can't search message history beyond a certain limit.

In short, it was hard for me to participate on FP Slack and keep up with all what's going on, specifically due to Slack's design decisions.

This Zulip instance solves these problems really well for me and the UI/UX is superior. In the long run, as more users learn about Zulip, I think the bulk of active users will end up here rather than on Slack. Also, it's always better to bet on open platforms in the long run.

Welcome to Zulip!

Steven Shaw

I use the threads feature on Slack as much as possible at work and "play". However, I do find it hard to follow up on new messages on those threads. Slack doesn't always seem to show the threads in a useful order. I hope things are better here but I am finding it difficult to navigate the new UI atm.

It's really great that old messages are available here. Just this morning I wanted to refer back to an old conversation on FP Slack and it was too old to retrieve :disappointed:

Vance Palacio

Yea, the topic model used here on zulip makes it super easy to be part of a conversation regardless of how old it is. The last time this conversation saw activity was nearly a week ago - I would have never seen this on slack.

This feature of zulip alone makes the migration worth it


Absolutely agree. I was very skeptical at first but after growing accustomed to it I think it's a really great feature. In slack/irc/etc unless you're online you are likely to be missing out. That's not true for zulip.