Inferred/specified vars in TH - Haskell

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Is there some way to detect inferred/specified variables in TH?

Matthew Pickering

This patch has some changes to do with that in TH, not sure if it helps or not

Implementation for Ticket #16393. As this is my first time working on GHC, feedback is very much appreciated :slight_smile: The main results: - Additional syntax is supported in the parser,...

Oh, yeah, once it gets merged it will be exactly what I want :slight_smile:


Is there maybe some other (possibly "hacky") way to get that information now?


Maybe I could addCorePlugin and retrieve that info from the GHC side? :sweat_smile:

Daniel Díaz Carrete

Silly naming nitpick: is "specificity" the right word for the concept? To me "specificity" connotes the degree to which something is specific rather than general, and not the condition of being specified rather than inferred. Alas, the word "specifiedness" doesn't seem to exist in English.

Alex Chapman

The condition of being specified would be specification, I think. Unfortunately we also use this as a noun which makes it slightly ambiguous.