Expressive power - Haskell

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Asad Saeeduddin

@Sandy Maguire Please make it so I don't have to do this in hs2:

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Asad Saeeduddin

I have to do literally twice as much work for everything I define because I can't conveniently flip -> around

Asad Saeeduddin

I have no idea what the solution is btw, but I'm sure with all the concentrated brainpower in the hs2 project someone will have a good answer


@Asad Saeeduddin offtopic question: I love this yellow color scheme. Can I find it online or is it custom colors?

Asad Saeeduddin

@Hazem It's the gruvbox color scheme with :set background=light

Retro groove color scheme for Vim. Contribute to morhetz/gruvbox development by creating an account on GitHub.