`eff` library - Haskell

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@Alexis King It seems like you are doing some interesting work on delimited-control branch of eff (https://github.com/hasura/eff/blob/delimited-control/eff/src/Control/Effect/Internal.hs) - this implementation seems to be completely different from the original one at master and somewhat harder to figure out without description - is there some info about it available or should we wait for it to "settle down" a little bit? :slight_smile:

🚧 a work in progress effect system for Haskell 🚧. Contribute to hasura/eff development by creating an account on GitHub.
Alexis King

I am indeed currently in the process of rewriting it completely. :) I am very happy with how things are shaping up so far, but there is still work left to do. I will certainly document it much more extensively once I get it all working (assuming I don’t hit some as-yet-unforeseen roadblock!), but I’m happy to answer questions about it in the meantime!

Alexis King

I posted a little bit of information about it on twitter here: https://twitter.com/lexi_lambda/status/1209967598500225024