Configure Stack to use Hackage instead of Stackage - Haskell

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Is it possible? It's so annoying!

Sandy Maguire

what possible use do you have for stack if you don't want it to use stackage?

Cyril Valyavin

Prolly something tooling related


Cabal os a nightmare on Arch Linux so I use stack! But it annoys me when I need to put things on extra-deps

Vladimir Ciobanu

So stackage, or rather a stack LTS (e.g. LTS-15.5) is just a set of packages along with versions for each package, which are known to "work together". You still get your packages from hackage. So I'm not quite sure what you mean to do/achieve.


I would like stack to go get the packages from hackage directly


Or just know a way to do it


But I now get that it seems not doable

James King

extra-deps is quite useful. Is there a reason that it annoys you? (I use it a lot but maybe I shouldn't...)


It only annoys me when I need to specify package that depends on others that I need to specify on extra-deps :confused: