BTW I use Arch - Haskell

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Note to myself - do not bother configuring official ghc and cabal packages on Arch Linux for development, it's not worth it
There's ghcup-hs-bin on AUR that just works

Sridhar Ratnakumar

When you plan to switch to NixOS @TheMatten ? :-P

Vance Palacio

I also use arch. I like nix-shell myself though. Works pretty nicely


@Sridhar Ratnakumar Haha, I've already flashed the installer on spare USB, I just didn't get myself to start it - it may be that I'm slightly worried about how it turns out, because I've already tried it twice and I think both times I've messed up the configuration enough to not know how to fix it, while trying to install some stuff outside of nixpkgs :big_smile:


(Messed up as in "it didn't start at all" and I had other things to do than investigating how to put it back together)

Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

what are you trying to install outside of the package manager that made it not start? o_O


I don't remember anymore - but it may just as well be that I broke something else along the way :big_smile: