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Noon van der Silk

are we still hanging out here?


It seems like bunch of people is regularly online, even if everyone's quiet :big_smile:
Maybe some weekly topic could help?

Solomon Bothwell

Hi! I'm gonna try to be more active on here.

Sean Westfall

I might come here more often too now that all the cool people got banned from fp slack.

Mason Mackaman

why did people getting banned?

Christian Charukiewicz

People decided they need to announce to all 15,000 members of the #general channel that they would be leaving the FP Slack, and the admin got fed up and made a rule against it while apparently also banning some people.

Christian Charukiewicz

Personally I think they were both in the wrong. Announcing you're leaving to that channel is stupid (if you want to notify a specific channel you're apart of, that's a different story). But the admin shouldn't have banned anyone unless they did it after he affirmed the rule.

Mason Mackaman

sounds like the ban is inconsequential if they were leaving anyway? unless they planned on coming back

Christian Charukiewicz

Good point. Shouldn't really matter, should it?