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drew verlee

I'm forming a study group based on the algebra driven design book . Can i create a dedicated stream for that? I'll assume yes if no one gets back to me an in a couple hours. i expect about 50 people to join.


@drewverlee sure, no problem :smile:


I am interested in this.

Joel McCracken

If it works for my schedule i'd probably try to participate

William Ashton

I'm definitely interested in this, if there's still space. :)

Fintan Halpenny

Do you have time/days that you were thinking of?

Sahar Rachamim

What book are we talking about?

drew verlee

@Sahar Rachamim were using the zulip stream #Algebra Driven Design to discuss the book by that name written by sandy maguire. Im going to try and mute his thread (what were talking in now and i accidently created).