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Mason Mackaman

me checking the zulip mobile app for the first time that day (today)

Mason Mackaman

just sad that there's not more activity here


at least people seem to be joining non stop! I joined 2 days ago in hopes of learning more about Haskell. Hopefully some of the more seasoned haskellers can share ideas, projects, libraries, etc

Vladimir Ciobanu

There's a few FP streamers who stream pretty regularly if you're into that sort of thing. I am one of them, although most of my content is more geared towards teaching beginners (except Fridays and Saturdays, I mostly do more advanced stuff though; and on Sundays I host a podcast show). Here's a list with the active streamers in the FP community: https://github.com/chiroptical/declarative-programming-streams

Active streaming declarative programmers. Contribute to chiroptical/declarative-programming-streams development by creating an account on GitHub.
Pedro Minicz

Not gonna lie, this thread provoked me into writing stuff here. I'll try to comment whenever I have something interesting to say. :stuck_out_tongue_wink: