Functional patterns - General

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There was this github repo collecting patterns used in functional programming, with their OOP counterparts - does anyone have a link?


Seems like I've found it - it actually seems to be more Haskell related:

Lambda the ultimate Pattern Factory: FP, Haskell, Typeclassopedia vs Software Design Patterns - thma/LtuPatternFactory
Jack Henahan

"Half of your patterns are just Functor!", I scream into the OOP void


Maybe OO can solve its leaky abstractions after all!


By realizing it's actually specialized version of FP with fancy names? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jonathan E. Magen

Not sure if this falls under Functional Patterns but I'm very close to releasing the first section of my minibook on the Actor Model. It has a multitude of polyglot examples, most of which are from functional languages. Anyone interested in a preview should please contact me to see an early draft. Hopefully this will enrich the space.