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Noon van der Silk

is anyone here using dhall-kubernetes ? https://github.com/dhall-lang/dhall-kubernetes

because i'm trying to follow the readme, and when running dhall-to-yaml-ng < examples/deploymentSimple.dhall it just blocks providing no output or info ...

Typecheck, template and modularize your Kubernetes definitions with Dhall - dhall-lang/dhall-kubernetes
Noon van der Silk

and it seems like the docs are out of date because it says to use dhall-to-yaml executable, which is not the one i get when i run stack install dhall-yaml in the main dhall repo ...

Noon van der Silk

i'm willing to believe it's downloading something; but it wouldn't hurt if there was some verbose mode :)


dhall-to-yaml is actually provided by dhall-json. Running the example without a cache does take quite a bit of time, you can speed things up by updating your local cache running this command dhall hash <<< '/path/to/local/dhall-kubernetes/checkout/package.dhall'. That will results in your ~/.cache/dhall directory to be populated with all the necessary hashes.

Noon van der Silk

haha, thanks @tristanC ; i'll let it run for a while then and see what happens; thanks :)