Design for "moldable"/interactive systems - General

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Joel McCracken

If you were going to design a new system that was moldable/configurable today (like Emacs or the smalltalk environments), how would you design it?

For a while I have been noodling with the idea of making an environment to play with ideas about this in, specifically I am thinking of PureScript and electron. So far what I think is basically build indepenedent "processes"/actors which can message one another and when you update the code in a specific process it restarts. But I don't know really if that would make sense.

Any thoughts? How would you deal with needing to compile a snippet and patch the running environment etc? I'm not wedded to Purescript FWIW if there is a better tool available, but i do want to experiemnt with the idea with typed, pure FP.


Xmonad and Yi's use of dyre come to mind. I don't know if those fit, but exploring how they do or don't may be illuminating

Sridhar Ratnakumar

my secret project = neuron w/ plugins.

Joel McCracken

oh do you mean like what you've been noodling on mentally