Core language concepts - General

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Vance Palacio

Hey guys, I've been thinking lately about the process of learning new languages (especially in the context that you already have some languages under your belt). In my personal experience, I typically slosh around through tutorials and documentation and tinker with stuff til I get it. There's usually a weird sort of mental milestone where I suddenly realize that I can now seriously tackle non-trivial projects (i.e write something useful).
This is ok, but Id like to boil down learning a language into a set of "core essentials" - the stuff you need to be comfortable doing in order to tackle a real project.

My thought is that if we know the foundational concepts of programming languages in general, then we could design a set of simple exercises that can help someone get up to speed very quickly.

I'm thinking about this while reading through the guides/tutorials for elixir, (and plan on writing out these exercises to teach myself as I go) but id also plan on writing up the equivalent set of exercises for Haskell as well

I have a set of concepts I've written down here - but I'm interested in if anyone else has any ideas to contribute here


A set of reference guides aiming to teach concepts quickly through terse descriptions with lots of examples