"Consable" typeclass? - General

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Christian Georgii

Hey everyone! :)

Is there a class that abstracts over the concept of "consing" an a to an f a? Something that captures appending a char to a string or an element to a list or an array? Essentially a function of type Consable f => a -> f a -> f a

I'm going through the Functional Programming Made Easier book by Charles Scalfani and the way he generalizes over this is by creating wrapper functions that pass in their specific "cons-like" function. In PureScript it happens to be (:) for Array, (:) for string, cons for list, etc. It feels very clunky to do so but I couldn't find a typeclass for it anywhere. Is there maybe a reason for it I'm failing to realize?

Sridhar Ratnakumar

Compose Semigroup and Applicative?

Prelude> :t (<>) . pure
(<>) . pure :: (Semigroup (f a), Applicative f) => a -> f a -> f a
Christian Georgii

Awesome, that's exactly it! Thanks for the help, I managed to make the function a lot more ergonomic this way :)