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Gabriel Lebec

I am curious what are the current blogging platform / system / setup flavors du jour, especially for FP-savvy folks. My ideal would be something akin to GitHub gists (markdown, syntax highlighting) but more customizable/extensible (e.g. I’d love it if I could write sidenotes, in the style of Tufte) and with typical blog niceties (e.g. RSS support). GitHub Pages seems like a nice hosting solution at least, but at this nebulous stage I am very open to ideas.

Torsten Schmits

you should probably take a look at the Neuron stream!


I think most would suggest hakyll, it's written in Haskell

Gabriel Lebec

Definitely taking a look at Hakyll

Gabriel Lebec

@Chris Penner I just found, is this what you use for

Static site generator built on Shake configured in Haskell - ChrisPenner/slick
Chris Penner

Gabriel Lebec said:

Chris Penner I just found, is this what you use for

Yup! There's an open source starter template here:

A template for quickly building sites with slick. Contribute to ChrisPenner/slick-template development by creating an account on GitHub.
Chris Penner

I know more than a few other haskell peeps are using it nowadays.

Alex Chapman

Yeah I like Slick. I have a non-trivial static site built with it here: (see build-site/Main.hs). Generated site is at

A website generator for the ACTHPA ( - AJChapman/acthpa-website
Joel McCracken

I used and like it a lot

Haskell static site generator based on Shake, with a delightful development experience. - srid/rib
Joel McCracken

(the rewrite using it is still a WIP though)

Sridhar Ratnakumar

I wrote rib for my blog, and then moved on (climbed the abstraction ladder, really) to neuron. My site looks pretty organized - despite it being little more than a flat directory of Markdown files (and no haskell code involved!):

Srid's personal website (based on neuron). Contribute to srid/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
dan pittman

I use Hakyll with pandoc-sidenote for, but I also just started playing around with org-publish for something like a lab notebook: It's done entirely with org, including publishing. Config looks something like this:

         :base-directory "~/src/lab/notebook"
         :base-extension "org"
         :publishing-directory "/ssh:<my-server>:/opt/lab"
         :recursive t
         :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html
         :headline-levels 5
         :with-toc nil
         :section-numbers nil
         :html-head "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"../static/main.css\">"
         :html-preamble nil
         :html-postamble nil
         :html-head-include-default-style nil
         :html-head-include-scripts nil
         :auto-sitemap t
         :sitemap-filename ""
         :sitemap-sort-files 'anti-chronologically
         :sitemap-title "dan's lab notebook")
         :base-directory "~/src/lab/static/"
         :base-extension "css\\|js\\|png\\|jpg\\|gif\\|pdf\\|mp3\\|ogg\\|swf"
         :publishing-directory "/ssh:<my-server>:/opt/lab/static/"
         :recursive t
         :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)
        ("lab" :components ("lab-notebook" "lab-static"))))

(Please ignore anything you read there it's all stream-of-consciousness nonsense).

Convert Pandoc Markdown-style footnotes into sidenotes - jez/pandoc-sidenote
Gabriel Lebec

@dan pittman – oh, thanks for the sidenote help specifically. :+1:

Asad Saeeduddin

@Sridhar Ratnakumar I really like the layout and styling on your Neuron thing. All the little touches add up to an excellent first impression

Jonathan Reeve

dan pittman @Sridhar Ratnakumar , FWIW, I use a combination of your two approaches: Rib + Tufte-css + Pandoc-sidenote to create sites like my course page here or this dissertation chapter draft.

Jonathan Reeve

Check out how the site looks in its source code. It's super succinct.

My Personal Website. Contribute to JonathanReeve/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
Gabriel Lebec

@Jonathan Reeve dissertation draft link is broken