Learning materials - Category Theory

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Mason Mackaman

any recommended books/pdfs?

Fintan Halpenny

7 Sketches in Compositionality :)

Mason Mackaman

thanks, I'll check it out :)

Pedro Minicz

I also recommend 7 Sketches in Compositionality as well as the category theory posts on Tai-Danae Bradley's blog, https://www.math3ma.com/

Math3ma is a blog about mathematics, maintained by Tai-Danae Bradley.
Pedro Minicz

Her booklet on applied category theory is a good introduction to many concepts that will be further elaborated on 7 Sketches: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1809.05923.pdf

Jonathan E. Magen

Wanted to add a few things here:

I have personally been trying, without much success, to grasp Category Theory and find that it's much easier for me to understand algebraic structures. For some reason it isn't clicking. Either way, I'm pleased that the proliferation of good learning material has continued at pace.