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Basic info for newcomers

- Zulip separates content into streams (channels in Slack, subreddits on Reddit), where every stream can be further filtered into topics - topics represent "topics" of discussions, that can be muted or viewed separately.
- To create new topic, use New topic button (or key c)
- To continue in existing topic, click on message in box marked with topic of your choice (or navigate there using arrows and press Enter)


How do topics compare to features in other services?

- Zulip manual compares topics to email subjects - create one when you feel like your comment corresponds to new conversation. If not sure, leave topic name empty - someone will categorize it for you :slight_smile:
- Coming from Slack, topics can be seen like sort of named, top level threads - to create new topic based on some comment, you can click on Message actions (i key while having comment selected using arrows) > View source / Edit topic, change topic field to new, suitable one and select option Change later messages to this topic before saving. Difference between Slack and Zulip is that you can see topics separately (by clicking on specific topic in left bar) or interleaved together (by clicking on stream name)


- Coming from Reddit, you can see topics as separate posts - when you feel like your question is not worth separate topic, you can send it to Questions topic if available in selected stream. Otherwise, create new topic with name based on thing you want to discuss


- Compared to services like Discord or Telegram, topics allow you to structure stream into group of independent discussions that can be filtered and searched for - this is useful for longer discussions that may become hard to follow when interleaved with unrelated messages or for searching and reviving older conversations


- At the end, use topics in a way you find intuitive - others (or admins) can re-categorize them for you if needed


How does comments interface work?

- comments are ordered chronologically
- when viewing whole stream or All messages, nearby comments with same topic are grouped in colored box with it's name
- by clicking on specific topic in left bar, you can limit showed comments in stream to those from specific topic - this makes it easier to e.g. catch up with new comments in specific conversations or to filter out other discussions

Sridhar Ratnakumar

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