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drew verlee


I put this together but i'm just a student myself. I have a background in application development mostly through the Clojure community. I'm hoping to finally be able to speak type theory with ppl on some level.

James Sully

Hey, I'm an undergrad student and tutor. No real background in dev yet, I'd consider myself an early intermediate haskeller

William Ashton

Hello all! o/ I'm a web developer, typically using Ruby at work and Elixir for fun. I recently started playing with Haskell, and I'm really enjoying the experience. Looking forward to diving into this book with all of you.

Rashad Hasan Gover

Hi all! My name is Rashad. I'm an intermediate Haskeller and I'm looking forward to going through this book with y'all. The Sunday time works perfectly for me.

Eric M (he/him)

Hi I'm Eric. I'm a beginner Haskeller. I've a few false starts through the years and I'm working through the Haskell Book now. I'm really excited to dive deep into Algebraic design.

Stuart Terrett

Hi! I've been writing haskell professionally for about a year. I binged _Algebra Driven Design_ a few weekends ago and am looking forward to a detailed pass.

Ahmed T

Hi, I am Ahmed. Complete noob at Haskell, mostly just read stuff about it online (and functional programming in general). I am looking forward to diving into the _Algebra Driven Design_ book

Christian Lavoie

Hi, I'm Christian; I've worked professionally with Haskell (with @Fintan Halpenny and Sandy), currently picking up Clojure and working on compilers and transpilers. My interests lie around provably correct software, starting from formal methods en passant by advanced testing techniques all the way to, apparently, Algebra Driven Design ;)

Fintan Halpenny

Hey @Christian Lavoie !! Good to see you :)

Christian Lavoie

Likewise Fintan, glad to hear from you :)

Kim-Ee Yeoh

Hey @Christian Lavoie , when you say your “interests lie around provably correct software, starting from formal methods,” does it include program derivation a la Bird-Meertens?

Christian Lavoie

Haven't had any luck with program derivation in general, tbh. I also tend to look more into real world (aka "painfully messy") software than academic, and I haven't found good examples of program derivation that have enough breadth :/

Fintan Halpenny

And I'm an Algebra-holic