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Sridhar Ratnakumar

Hey Firefox users, I have a question for you.

Often I go to address bar and I type out explicitly, and that's really annoying having to do that because browser address bar search stinks. If I just type neuron it will shows as the first result.

Is there an extension to solve this problem? Like if I type g neu it should select the neuron github repo as the first result to go upon hitting Enter.

Sridhar Ratnakumar

As an aside, desktop integration for this would be great -- so I don't have to do the extra step of Alt+Tab'ing to the browser first.

Torsten Schmits

the pragmatic solution, imo, would be to have a bookmark with a keyword


Use duckduckgo with !git

Joel McCracken

I haven;'t used this feature yet really, but in vimium there seems to be a nice way to quickly open bookmarks -- type 'b' and then type the name of the bookmark

Joel McCracken

(also, duck duck go is wonderful! I use !h to search hackage all the time)