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Georgi Lyubenov // googleson78

Is there some recommended "goto" resource for getting into nix nowadays? The only thing I know of are the "nix pills", but I've heard mixed opinions about them. The other idea I've had is to forcefully switch to nixos to "learn by necessity".
My main interests are

  • building haskell with nix
  • setting up dev/testing environments with nix (and potentially some container software)
  • using build artifact caches across different machines/locations

(for reference I'm an almost pure stack debian user, only touching other things when absolutely necessary)

Torsten Schmits

I learned it the way of your other idea and I've yet to see a comprehensive tutorial for this exact use case (haskell dev env). I guess it's just a very wide spectrum of possible applications.
However, I had used NixOS for some time, but it didn't really help that much.

I have only skimmed it but the haskell.nix doc is probably not too shabby for your endeavours.

Torsten Schmits

FWIW, I read the manuals on a lot

Torsten Schmits

but they are kind of circular, you'll have to know something in order to understand anything else

Joel McCracken

those are the only references I can think of

Joel McCracken

I also used home-manager's docs and examples and other people's dotfiles repos to piece things together

Torsten Schmits looks pretty good

Mason Mackaman

As someone who has just started their Nix(OS) journey, I'm mostly learning through a combination of the docs on and the nix discord