State of distributed systems in Haskell - Haskell

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Does anyone know of any recent advances on this topic? Is Erlang's paradigm still the best approach to functional programming + distributed systems.

Vladimir Ciobanu

I have a note somewhere to take a look at unison, it seems to be trying to solve this. I'm also quite interested in this topic.


I'm rereading "Towards Haskell in the Cloud" it's pretty good but seems like a dead project in github

Joel McCracken

my understanding is that the cloud haskell stuff works but its really just a few people doing it.


Seems to be very quiet

IC Rainbow

What kind of sound you wish to be emitted? (=

Fintan Halpenny

A cacophonous sound emitted from all the distributed computers using Haskell

Providence Salumu

I recently read about this here,
It has good references on this topic